Don’t Pay Full Price – Great AARP Travel Discounts

As an AARP member, you receive more than a discounted rate on your auto insurance and other insurance premiums. You can great AARP travel deals as well, simply by using your membership card when booking your travel, hotel, and other travel accommodations online. You’re busy managing your business, so any discount advice is helpful.

Constant discount options available
Whether you are planning the perfect Caribbean getaway, or simply want to rent a car and drive out of town for the weekend, there are always new destinations popping up, and Discounts available for AARP travel members. Recently, we booked a trip to Florida to visit the family. Using my membership card, we were able to book an all-inclusive trip, for three travelers, saving several hundred dollars. Not only did we receive discounted airfare, but we also received a discount rate for a hotel (nice hotel packages at Hilton properties), along with a rental car for the weekend.

Drive to your destination
If you don’t want to fly, or would like to visit a local destination, rental car discounts are also available to members. 30% off Budget car rentals and other major rental agencies are always promoting specials for AARP members. Whether you need a sedan, a minivan, or want a sports car for a weekend trip to Vegas there are several great deals and discounts to be found, as an AARP member.  If you get sick, they even have an AARP long-term care insurance premium discount.

Book through other sites 
Other sites also promote savings available to members. We book travel destinations through Expedia, Travelocity, and other travel sites. At checkout, we can enter our AARP membership card number, and receive discounted rates for flights. Currently, on Expedia, we found a $100 discount for new members to the AARP family, who was looking through the site for the first time. This and other discounts are always being promoted for members, allowing us to travel more, for far lower prices.

Being an AARP member is a great way to save on all kinds of items, and find the best AARP travel discounts, for flight, hotel, car rentals, and all-inclusive package deals. Not only can we travel locally, but we can also find great luxurious destinations, spa visits, and trips to international destinations, for a far lower price than the rates being charged for non-members. No matter where we travel or when we are planning a trip, we always visit the AARP site, to find out about current travel deals. We always save, and always book with top airlines, rental agencies, and hotels, for all our travels. read more

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