Donald Trump and his America First Agenda

When Trump got into office, he promised to make America great again. Recently, the president released the budget for the year 2018 and we take a look at this budget to see just how well the American people’s interests have been covered.

Trump and his administration have all emphasized heavily on public safety and national security both within and out of the country. One of the president’s major campaign promises was that he would build a border wall between USA and Mexico and make Mexico pay for it. Well, apart from making the Mexicans pay, the rest of the plans seem to be progressing quite well, at least according to Trump’s 2018 fiscal budget. The budget has been made with much emphasis on the border wall, funding to solve violent crimes, defense funding, and immigration enforcement and reducing drug abuse. The key part of the budget and the one that really highlights the president’s America first agenda is that most of the money collected from taxpayers will be spent within the country.

Secondly, the budget seeks to see the national debt reduced significantly within the ten-year period. The republicans will perhaps pride themselves in this seeing as the previous administration almost doubled the country’s national debt. This was from a figure of $10.5 trillion in the year 2009 to $20 trillion in the year 2016 when Trump took office. The Trump administration aims to achieve this through reduced wasteful expenditures, creating a leaner workforce and putting in a place a less intrusive government.

The budget allocates more than 2.6 billion dollars on the country’s border security. This includes immigration enforcement, technology and infrastructural investments and general improvement on border patrol. The southern wall is among the top if not the top factor why most citizens voted Trump in and the fact that his budget places emphasis on this implies that the president is indeed working towards the America first agenda.

Trump also seeks to expand the country’s military which is the currently the smallest it has been since world war I. Most citizens feel that since enemy countries continue to expand and advance, America should similarly be doing so and increasing the military size is u there among the priorities. Generally, the budget looks to be protecting the American citizen and easing the tax burden at the same time. The president however faces criticisms from sections of the media and members of the Democratic Party. From the perspective of the fiscal budget however, Trump seems to be pretty much on the right path. read more

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